Wimbledon 2019 betting odds and analysis - Podcast

Alex Fieraru

Alex Fieraru

Romanian Football Tipster, tennis lover and "Expert betsson".

Wimbledon is starting and everyone is starting to make their predictions and bets on who will win the tournament on both the men's and women's circuit.

This is precisely what our tennis tipster Sheholmes has been discussing, as well as the Betsson expert Alex Fieraru.

Alex Fieraru bets that Rafa Nadal will win the tournament to odds 6.50.

Sheholmes dares with a quota 101. You can listen to it from minute 52:00 of the podcast.

Podcast analysis of the Wimbledon Open 2019 

Sheholmes WTA table

box sheholmes 2
table sheholmes 1 1 1

Sheholmes ATP table

wimbledon sheholmes 1
wimbledon sheholmes 2

Fieraru ATP table

wimbledon atp fieraru 1
wimbledon atp fieraru 2

Fieraru WTA table

wimbledon wta fieraru 1
wimbledon wta fieraru 2

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