Telegram betting channels

Over the past few years, the messaging app Telegram has become a very powerful tool for the world of sports betting.

Receive free bets on our telegram channel

At TipsterOK we use it to create private telegram channels where our tipsters send their picks for subscribers to view in real time.

But also, in our general telegram channel dedicated to gambling we send daily forecasts of our premium tipsters This channel is completely free, and anyone can access and see the free forecasts that the tipster will be leaving when he considers.

In addition, in this channel we often leave many promotions and recommendations, as well as news and novelties concerning the services, superquotes, free picks of our tipsters?

We recommend you read the whole post because you will see big promotions and we explain how to access the free telegram channels from our premium tipsters.

Tipsters Premium Discount Promotion

For all of you who have come here looking for betting channels on telegram, we would like to thank you for your interest. we give away a 10% discount at any Tipster of our website in your first purchase, you only have to use the coupon "telegram", also a little further down we will give you better references of which tipsters to choose, and if you have any doubts you just have to ask us


Tipster OK free betting telegram channel

In the next few lines we will tell you how to enter the channel, but don't go away yet because if you have come looking for promotions and tipsters completely free, you should continue reading below, but something you should keep in mind before you start is that we have a customer support chat that will help you to get started and will answer all your questions about tipsters and everything you need to know to choose the right tipster to follow, because the world of betting on telegram channels is very big and if you don't follow the ones that fit your profile you will end up losing money, and that's what we will avoid here.

Telegram betting

Are there scams on Telegram Betting Channels?

Beware that all that glitters is not gold. This tool is also used by unscrupulous pseudo tipsters, where they post fake betting screenshots, making you believe that they make a lot of money from betting.

Don't trust a channel just because it has been advertised on another channel with a large following..

Before relying on a particular channel, google or twitter the name of the channel followed by the word "scam".. This way you can find out if you are dealing with a smoke-seller, or if the channel is worth it.

How to receive bets via telegram?

This is something very simple and very convenient, much more convenient than receiving bets by email, also it will not be mixed with your personal messages and you can have your bets separated and controlled, the only thing you have to do is to download telegram in the version you need and then simply start receiving free forecasts via our telegram channel.

Free Telegram Channels of our Tipsters

We have changed with technology and now from TipsteOk you can follow our tipsters more comfortably through our free app.

Tipster OK Free Telegram Channel

In the Tipster OK betting channel we leave many free tips from our Premium Tipsters throughout the week, the best way to try them out if you are hesitating.

Free picks by TipsterOK free application

Go to the page and select the free option, there just choose the tipsters you like the most and you will receive their forecasts comfortably through our app, you will not have to insert any payment method or anything similar.

Free picks from Mr Klopp

Access the stats page of Mr Klopp who is a Premium Football Tipster who is giving his service for free for a while as a welcome promotion.

klopp bets

BolaOcho free bets

Access the stats page of BolaOcho who is a Pemium Tennis Tipster who is giving his service for free for a while as a welcome promotion.

tipster bolaocho

Free RodPicks Free Predictions

Access the stats page of RodPicks who is a Premium Ice Hockey Tipster who is giving his service for free for a while as a welcome promotion.

Rodpicks tipster

Free Tipster ApuestasMarc

Access the stats page of ApuestasMarc who is a Premium Basketball Tipster who is giving his service for free for a while as a welcome promotion.

free betting tips marc

Free Tipster Sopenipster

Go to Sopenister's stats page who is a Premium Multisport Tipster, (although he mainly forecasts football), who is giving his service for free for a while as a welcome promotion.


Tipsters of telegram betting

CAPIREX free telegram channel

Free betting channel

Capirex is a tipster specialising in illiquid market bettingsuch as women's leagues, or leagues around the world. It is characterised by its regularity.

In 2020 it has an average of about 20-25 picks per month, most of them pre-match picks.. It stands out above all for maintaining a high profitability (15% yield) on more than 400 picks

Adribasket on your telegram betting channels

telegram betting channels

If you like to bet on basketball, follow AdriBasket.

In his telegram betting channel you will find NBA, Euroleague and ACB free picks. It focuses primarily on player statistics betting, although it also works on the handicapsand the over/under (more or less points in a match).

His stats are truly insane, having finished positive in 16 months as a forecaster.

Bedouin Telegram Free betting channel

bedouin telegram betting

Tipster in high demand on our platform. Both services are fully bookedHe is a scholar of all the leagues in the world.

Few picks per month, but of high quality.

Free picks Telegram Maguinho

telegram beach football betting

So far, the Spain's only exclusive Beach Soccer tipster.

Another one of our predictors who has the "no seats available" sign hung up.

His picks are usually synonymous with success.So don't hesitate and join their free betting channel.

If you're looking for a tipster specialising in Beach Soccer, Maguinho is your man.

Predictions on telegram with Drew Vip

football leagues

A virtuoso of the women's game, he has a great success rate and some of the best numbers in the market, no doubt hiring Drew will increase your bankroll considerably.

You can check all the stats of our Premium or VIP Tipsters here:

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