Sports betting dictionary

Are you interested in the world of sports betting? If you search a bit on the internet or on social networks, you will see that there are a lot of "strange" words like tipster, yield, stake? At the beginning it's normal that you don't understand anything and feel a bit lost. Don't worry, that's why you have this sports betting dictionary.

We have created a comprehensive glossary of the vast majority of terms and words you will hear every day in the world of sports betting.

We will be adding a new concept every week, so don't worry if you haven't found what you were looking for. But if you don't want to miss anything, the best thing to do is to subscribe to our Youtube Channel.

You can start reading up on everything when we talk about sports betting!

The most comprehensive sports betting glossary

It is not just any dictionary where you only get the definition of each word and a brief example.

In this sports betting glossary we take nothing for granted. We explain everything from the basics, such as what an odds ratio is, to yields.

Each betting term is accompanied by an explanatory video recording the bookmaker's screen so that everything is as clear as possible and you don't miss anything. Of course you will also have the written explanation with examples.

Don't waste any more time and get up to date!

Enjoy this dictionary!

Do you want to get started in the world of sports betting but don't know what odds are? You're in the right place, come in and learn!

Don't know how winnings are calculated? Come in and learn how to place a simple bet and how to calculate winnings.

They are a type of bet that is very easy to understand and widely used in the world of betting, but at the beginning they can be a bit tricky to understand and learn!

The Banker is a term that is the order of the day in the betting world and one that your tipster is sure to mention more than once.

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