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TipsterOK is a sports betting advice platform. Here, users can find the best tipsters in the national and international market.

Scouts?. At TipsterOK we attach great importance to the constant talent searchFor this purpose, we have a group of scouts, who will be responsible for the work of national and international web crawling in order to incorporate to our team the best tipsters in the market.

A tipster is a person who is responsible for filter the best bets to send to your customers.

Each tipster has a algorithm-based system, real-time information of the different teams or players, climatology of the events... that makes him determine if an odds is higher than normal. To give you an idea, there are tennis tipsters who even have the menstruation calendar of the tennis players.

If you are not sure which tipster to choose, you can send us your doubts at

The only difference is that in order to be subscribed to the Tipster Premium subscription fees are charged, while the Tipster Free are free of charge.

Are Premium Tipsters better than Free Tipsters? Not necessarily. All Premium Tipsters have been Free at some point, and once they have a long and consolidated track record, they take the step to remunerate their work and all the hours invested, becoming a Premium Tipster.

If you want to know how to hire a Tipster Premium in a free click Here.

Within each tipster's page we have all the data and statistics we need to select a tipster.

In the tab "statistics"We can see the number of picks a tipster usually sends per month, what numbers he has had each month, the average odds of his bets, competitions in which he bets, which bookmakers he uses... It's all very well detailed.

In the tab "Description"We can see all of the above but in a more summarised form described by the tipster himself. As a general information of the service.

In the tab "Historical"We can see all the forecasts that have already been resolved.

At TipsterOK we make a filter and an exhaustive study of each tipster so that they can enter our platform. So we ensure that all of them have audited and verified statistics, and that they are responsible and honest analysts.

1. You must have the messaging app "telegram" downloaded, as this is where you will receive the predictions in a private group.

You can download telegram here.

2. Next you have to think about which tipster you want to hire.

3. Hire the tipster of your choice.

4. Once you have made the purchase, we will send you an email with a link to a private Telegram group, where you will receive the predictions. If you click on it, you will automatically join the group.

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Predictions will be received via the messaging app "Telegram".

If you don't have Telegram, you can download it here.

Once you have purchased the tipster, you will be sent an email with a link within 24 hours. When you click on the link, you will enter a private telegram group where the tipster will send the picks. Every time the tipster sends a pick to the group, you will receive a telegram notification.

You can hire a free Tipster Premium by carrying out a new registration in one of the betting houses that we name Here.

Subscriptions are monthly. That is to say, if you sign up a tipster for 1 month on February 5th, the subscription will be active until February 28th.

Subscriptions are updated on the 1st of each month.

If you want to hire for longer periods of time, or you want to book for the following month, write to or directly to our telegram chat

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