Get a FREE Premium Tipster

get a free premium tipster

From TipsterOK we give you the possibility to enjoy during 30 days of premium tipster that you choose to totally free of charge.

All you have to do is register with one of the bookmakers below by clicking on the "register" button.

free premium tipster

How do I do this?

1. Delete browser cookiesr so that there are no problems when tracking the link.


2. Conduct a registration NEW in one of the betting houses proposed below.

To do this you have to click on the "register" button which will take you to the bookmaker's website, where you will need to register.

If you are from Latin America you must select Sportsbet.


3. Make a deposit minimum of 30?

The money deposited will remain yours and you will also be able to access Welcome Bonuses or promotions such as super bonuses.


4. Take a screenshot of the registration email in which only your bookmaker's username is displayed and send it by telegram a 

You can also send us an email to

Once we verify your registration we will add you to the premium channel.

You can view our premium tipsters here.

betting houses

Here are the bookmakers where you can open an account.

It is essential to do so through the register" button to track the link and get the free premium tipster.

*Tipsters participating in the promotion: Thinker, Capirex.

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If you are from Latin America, you can do the Sportsbet registration, following the same procedure to get your free tipster.

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"I've never seen anything like it in livestock. I follow you every time I look at the picks. thank you!"
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Congratulations and thanks for all the picks and recommendations from the Open. All green! ??
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Thanks for the information and the picks, what a great month of January you are having ? Congrats. Since I've been following you it's the first time I'm watching and enjoying tennis!
J. Beltrán
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@Sheholmes10 great game What a game!!! And what a quota !!! Thanks!!! Very big
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