How to bet on Handball

In this section we are going to teach you which are the most used betting terms in order to know how to bet on Handball and to interpret accurately the forecasts of our experts.

To this end, we will focus on the main markets:

Winning Market (1X2)

These are undoubtedly the most intuitive bets because, as the name suggests, we are betting on which team we think will win the match, or if it will be a draw.


Double Chance

As the name suggests, with this type of bet we will be betting on two of the 3 possible signs of the match, so the options are:

1X = Home team wins or draws.

12 = Home team wins or away team wins.

X2 = Win or draw for the visiting team.

double chance


Bet WITHOUT a draw

In English this term is called DRAW NO BETThis is why it can also be found in the abbreviation DNB.

without a draw

This market appears with different names depending on the bookmaker Here are some examples:

William Hill: "Victory without a draw".

PastonWinner without a draw".

LuckiaInvalid tie".

888sportBetting without a draw".

SportiumThe tie doesn't count".

KirolbetWinner (no draw)".


If we take the Barcelona wins without a draw against Ademar, our bet will be?

ACHIEVED provided that the Barcelona win the party.

NULA in the event of the match ending draw.

FAILED in the event that the Barcelona loses the meeting.

Additional handicap.

It is undoubtedly one of the most feared terms when it comes to entering the world of betting, as it sounds like a complex term, but as we will see, it is not the only one. explain The following example is much simpler than we think.



Negative handicap.

When one of the teams is favourite in a match, we can see how there are bets of the type: PSG -2,5.

This negative number is the number of goals that must be subtracted from the total number of goals scored by the team in the match result.


PartyChambery - PSG.

? Our bet:  PSG -2,5 

Result of the matchPSG 34-31 Chambery.

If the match ends PSG 34-31 Chamberythe stake will be acertada as PSG will have made 34 goalsthat if we subtract 2.5 goals handicap, the result would have been PSG 31,5 vs 31 Chambery.

Subtract 2.5 goals for PSG ? 34 goals -2.5 = 31.5 goals

Handicap resultPSG 31,5 - 31 Chambery.

Successful predictionas PSG continue to win by 0.5 goals.

Match result: PSG 32-30 Chambery

On the other hand, if the match ended PSG 32-30 Chambery, the bet would be unsuccessful. If we subtract the 2.5 goals of PSG from the 2 goals of the handicap, the result would be PSG 30.5 vs 31 Celta.

2.5 goals less PSG ? 32 goals -2.5 = 30.5 goals

Handicap result: Real Madrid 30,5 vs 31 Chambery.

Failed forecastas PSG would lose by 30.5 goals to 31.

Positive handicap the same, but adding instead of subtracting.


 Over / Under

In many occasions the bets we will see will be related to the number of goals that will be scored in the match, that is why it is important to know what it means when we get?

voer under


Over 52.5 Goals (More than 52.5 goals).

The number of goals scored in the match will have to be more than 52.5 goals.

If the match ends 25-28, the total number of goals (53) will be more than 52.5 and therefore the bet will be ACHIEVED.

If, on the other hand, the party will finish 25-27 the total would be 52 goals and therefore the bet will be FAILED.

Under 52.5 Goals (Under 52.5 goals).

With the UNDER (Less than...) we would be betting on the exact opposite of the previous bet.

On this occasion the number of goals scored will have to be less than 52.5 goals.

If we bet on the Under 2.5 goals and the match ends 25-27the result will be 52 goals in total and being less than 52.5 goals the result of the bet will be ACHIEVED.

Best bookmakers to bet on handball.

Finally, I'm sure the question you are asking yourselves is which bookmakers are the best for betting on HandballWhether it's because they have the most markets, the best odds, the most intuitive platform?

Here are the ones that, according to our experience, are the most important ones. to follow our specialists:

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