ICE 2018 London.

Experience at ICE 2018 in London.

After the great experience of the Berlin trade fair in November, the Tipster OK team had the pleasure to attend the ICE 2018 in London. For those who don't know, it is the biggest fair of the gaming sector in Europe, where numerous companies from the sector go to present their products. It is attended by companies of all kinds of products that have to do with the gambling sector, payment method companies such as Paysafe, software companies for bookmakers such as Kirolsoft, etc.


In this ICE 2018 we have been able to enjoy conferences by influential people in the sector, talks with bookmakers "made in Spain", and we even had the opportunity to watch a live CSGO game.

The sensations left us with Spanish bookmakers such as Kirolbet and Pastonwere very good. They are young bookmakers who are eager to improve and do important things for the user. They told us that they are planning to install new payment methods, live events and several improvements that will undoubtedly improve the bettor's experience. In addition, both bookmakers made clear to us their permissiveness with respect to winning customers, although it is true that they insisted that they have zero tolerance for arbitrage.

photo. ICE Totally Gaming

Our conclusion from this journey is that everything in the industry is moving very fast and everything is improving. Obviously everything is focusing on the new digital era, with facial recognition payment methods, mobile and tablet focused platforms, touch screen slots... As well as the great revolution in the sports betting markets such as E-Sports.

Let's hope that, in the end, everything evolves for the better.

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