What is Stake in sports betting

In our eagerness to try to educate everyone who is starting out in the world of betting, we will use the blog to clarify some of the more unfamiliar terms that we encounter when starting out in sports betting. To begin with, we are going to explain what a stake is in sports betting and the different types of stakes that exist.

What is STAKE?

STAKE is the Anglo-Saxon term used when referring to the amount of money put at risk when placing a particular bet.

The stake is also one of the most important management measures when it comes to betting, as is totally linked to the confidence we have in the forecast.. We can say that the higher the stake, the more confident we are that the forecast will be a winner.

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Before going into stake management, we must first explain what the Bank is (you will see it normally written like this), which is the bank that you have to bet on.

It is very important that if you want to bet, you only gamble the money you can afford to lose. Therefore, it is best that you set aside that money and deposit it at several bookmakers, which will choose. That will be your bench, and the point is not to lose it completely, even in bad times.

To do this you must be disciplined, follow a plan and the stakes of the tipsters you trust.

The Stake plan will tell you how much money you should bet at any given moment, without depending on your mood (good or bad).


Fixed or Flat Stake

When we hear the term fixed stake o maprefers to the fact that the bettor always assigns the same value for his bets.  This concept has many detractors as they argue that it is too difficult to have exactly the same confidence in all forecasts to assign the same risk to each one.

Variable or Percentage Stake

A double-edged sword for many gamblers is often the variable or percentage stakebecause requires a lot of disciplineWe need to keep a cool head and not let ourselves be conditioned by recent results when it comes to setting our stake.

It is common to use a scale between 1 and 10, and you can assign a fixed or variable amount of money to each stake unit. The higher the Stake, the more money to bet and therefore the greater the confidence in the forecast.

The most widespread practice nowadays is to assign the highest Stake to (also known as Full Stake) a value of 5% from our BANK (money intended for gambling). Thus the equivalence would be as follows:

1 = 0.5% of bank . 6 = 3% of the bank.

2 = 1% of the bank. 7 = 3,5% of the bank.

3 = 1.5% of the bank. 8 = 4% of the bank.

4 = 2% of bank. 9 = 4,5% of the bank.

5 = 2.5% of the bank. 10 = 5% of the bank.

Another common strategy is to assign an 1% to each unit. In this case a bet with st. 1 we would have to bet 1% of the bank, with st. 2 we would have to bet 2% of the bank, and so on.

This strategy is logically riskier, as we will be gambling more of our bankroll on each bet.

How much to bet

So, you can calculate how much money to bet on each pick, using a simple formula. Note that most people create a small excel file that automatically tells them the money to bet.

Amount = (bank * allocated percentage of bank)/100

Care by following the Tipsters Stakes!

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As we have explained at the beginning, the stake is something ?very personal and subjective? When following several Tipsters at the same time, it is important that we know the average range in which the Tipster moves.and whether it is flat or variable?

That way we can make an equivalence with the one we use.

Many people who have been betting for some time decide that some tipsters are more reliable for them than others, so they assign them a higher conversion of money wagered per unit of stake.

If you need help with this, you can use our advice form.

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Resetting your Stake plan

From time to time, at least at the beginning of each month, you should readjust your plan. This means that if you have won money, you can bet more on each unit. If you have lost, bet less so that you don't lose your entire bankroll.

This way you will endure the bad times, which you will always have (as well as the good times).


Our total bank is £400 and we have followed the plan set out above.

A tipster who uses variable stake, sends us a pick advising to bet 3 units.

The amount to bet would be= 400*1.5/100, so we would bet 6 ?

There are some Tipsters who use a flat Stake 10, which can be equivalent to 2 or 3 units of ours. This can be calculated by looking at the average across our entire portfolio of tipsters.

It is very important to do the equivalence of stakes.. Otherwise, we could incur an excessively high risk that could ruin the management of our bank.

We hope we have been of help. If you have any questions about this, just contact us at write to us at  or use the advice form.

And remember, never bet on impulse or bet more than the bankroll management plan we've outlined here.

Play responsibly.

See you next time!